How to choose your fin

Choosing fin for swimming

The choice of fins for the swimming mainly depends on the technique of the swimmer. Those who prefer making powerful stroke (“from knee”) and then long slide in the water, choose the hard blade with galoshes free enough. In this case you can feel a strong stroke. You feel that you work hard.

Another technique implies you do swimming with your back. Stroke of the fins is not as noticeable. In this approach the athlete chooses a soft plate and small size galoshes. In fact if the galoshes sit tightly on feet then more effective strokes are. Leg does not move inside galoshes and the whole force is transmitted to the blade. But this entails a certain inconvenience and discomfort after prolonged swimming in smaller galoshes.

Therefore when you choose the fin you need to find a “middle ground”. If you prefer a comfortable swimming for an hour though get enough loose-fitting galoshes, but the plate will be tougher. If the result is important the overshoes should sit tight on feet, even press a little and therefore be smaller than you’re used to wear and the plate is soft.

As a rule experienced swimmers and free divers with good technique choose soft fins and small overshoes for long distances. For example, in free diving a novice swimmer with feet size 38 needs fin size 4-5 (according to our size chart)

How to choose your fin

and experienced athlete with the same size will dive in fins size 3. European feet size 41-42 for beginners – it’s 7, for experienced swimmers – 5 (see. Table size hyperfns). Athletes who participate in the marathon competitions are already well qualified and willing to endure discomfort for the sake of achieving the result and with the feet size 38  selected fins with small galoshes – 3, and at a rate of 41-42 – 4 (see. Table size hyperfns). Professionals choose medium and soft plate in conjunction with smaller size galoshes.

Some free divers use neoprene socks thickness of 3-5 mm, which also need to be taken into account in ordering the fins of a certain size.

Well, now you have to choose the color and design of your fins.

Wish you light water and landslide victory over yourself and water!