Determine the size

Determining the size of the fins and order

So you’ve decided to get the fin for swimming.

There is the range of developed and accepted by us sizes in our practice.

The table of the fin sizes by Hyperfins

Determine the size
First, determine what kind of discipline you need the fin for: apnea (free diving), speed swimming, underwater orienteering or marathon. Additional information will be your result in a such discipline or level of athletic achievement. We specialize in the manufacture of fins for free diving and marathon, make training ordinary fins and “hyper”.But fins for fin swimming and free diving are made to order. To create a suitable fins for you the master need accurate and correct information.

Next you need to take right your foot measurements:

  1. The length of the foot in centimeters.

Determine the size

  1. The width of the foot in centimeters. Measure the foot at the widest point at the fingertips.

Determine the size

  1. The girth of the foot. Measure the circumference of the foot at the highest point.

Determine the size

If you are an experienced freediver or a swimmer it is then most likely that you know what the rigidity of the plate you need. If you are just starting to explore the depths and breadth of the water we will help you to choose the stiffness of the plate.

Indicate your wishes of other characteristics of the fins in the comments: color of  galoshes and plates, wearing neoprene socks  and other wishes. Any additional information will help to create the fin for you.

For the manufacture of fins it requires from 7 to 14 days and then it will go to you by one of mail transport companies.